When Books Cried !

History reveals to us when books were crying and mourning on their situations. History also reveals that who were responsible for their burning for their destroying ? Yes the Extremists, the Saviour of Gods who thought Philosophers were a great hazard for their Gods! Ah We’ve many examples which explain the terrible conditions of human reasoning and humans approach. Although we saw who the world change with the passage of time and the world provide us many revolutions in many fields such Science and Arts. But with the same time we can see the religion, progress and people divided into many sects and their sects were more important than Reasoning. If someone asks about thinking about reasoning they were feeling vulnerable, they had just one answer; Kill Them! To burn their books and buried their ideas. Oh My God; they forget Ideas can never die!

I spend a couple of days to collect data about the burning books than I realized; tears in my eyes when I saw in history, religious extremists started wars and first they burn the libraries of their enemies and they thought they have done great for their victory but they forget they were killers of thoughts they were cruel and history full of Cruelty. When I started my research on the great library of Alexandria and I found extremists were destroyed books which were full of knowledge and wisdom and many subjects which are known to us in the present.The last librarian of this library killed by religious extremists so what was her crime? To think about mathematics about reasoning about to smirk yes, she has done this crime and she had proud of that. Socrates also example in the history of Greek. Who said;

“I can only make them think.”-Socrates

With the passage of time when world increase their weapons, then they improve their thinking about to rule the people in terms of superiority and inferiority, what an immoral thought I think it is destroying the nations and their approach about humanity. The world met with their Empires and the rulers of these Empires also destroyed the libraries of their enemies which is horrible. Pages of history also revealed that books faced the cruelty of Man and Power of man!Ah

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