Oh Women !

Burn your all philosophies when a girl stoned by the group of people who had the authority to kill someone with some accusations Ah but what is the reality behind all the story of Rukhsanda who was the native of Afghanistan . It is not the story of just Afghanistan . it is the story of poor humans . it is not about the equality and not about the rights . its about humanity . When we talk about humanity, we’ve to cut our tongues we’ve to see the reality of this world . It is 21th century is it? Not at all. We live in multi societies where people create their Gods for their own benefits. It is not problem of East and West but these types of Incidents raise the questions of being human. Ah Rukshanda it is your Crime you’re a Woman!!!
Oh women where are you? You can see your own situation in this world. You’ve your own mind think with it and take some steps for your own individuality. why you are so silent. oh Women look at your position in this world. This is the time when you can do something about your own individuality and of course your own existence


4 thoughts on “Oh Women !

  1. If we lose our humanity then we’re left with nothing. Woman or man we share the same aspirations and air. We all bleed red when cut, death comes to us all eventually but don’t rush it in for others lest it rush for us. Those who judge will be judged, those who kill will die just the same. Enjoyed my visit to your site and I will be back, lol.

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