Who has no shelters

The people of Earth divided in borders. The countries are divided in super powers. but the refugees has no shelters .

but the question is who are refugees? who has no homes? who has no countries ? who has no identity? but Refugees !!! Alas again i started with Alas ..!
you know My world people of this world discussed who will open doors for refugees?  The refugees who died in oceans, who died because of their internal issues because of some terror group games . and the world also played their role to build their own games of sympathy. Their Mob are welcome refugees but their governments are not serious about them . We saw birds when they make their nests, we also saw when humans made their homes, and we have also witnessed that when some powers destroyed their homes .

It is the Pain …

When the humans just busy to just survived …!! I listen his words . Oh the world i listen his words…

A bagger

who prayed to God !
Oh God destroy this world immediately
burn their eyes and mind




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