Me, Socrates and My Mom

Me, Socrates and My Mom!

It’s two or three years back, in case I returned home from the library

So I told my mother

Mom: I Love him ! ( Socrates)

She started watching me with a surprise

and ask!

How is he?

I replied! He is the most lovely individual in this world

Does he similarly love you?

I don’t know

My mother contemplated how it was possible

How old he is?

I replied. It’s a thousand years old

She Grinned (On the grounds that she comprehended my Adoration)

You know Mother! I like Athens as a result of Socrates!

A Basic Man with his savvy words! You know Mother, his subject is people, absolute reality, the strategies for speculation, queries.

When I read about him I overlook everything Mother!

My Mother!

Keep your affection, My daughter!

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