The era of pandemic

World Nations are struggling to eluded this chocker life of pandemic. but on the other hand people are delved their dear ones because of this disease. Alas life is stopped in the world but what happened in poor countries? No one knows the pain of hunger where they have no resources to fulfill their basic necessities of life especially the food .
world is fighting with equality where a black man killed by another colour person , seriously it is a joke of 2020 when world is divided in the name of first ,second , third world Nations where people are dying because of hunger because of poverty , because of their dishonest leaders. And on the other hand UNO celebrate the Mendel’s day wow so many questions for the laws of UNO.
but the question is what is the role of super powers ? but who are super powers ? who imposed the wars in the world or who work for the prosperity of humans?
The people of this world better knows what is happened with them ?
people are dying? they are black , they are Muslims, they are Jews, they are Christians, they are Sikhs , they are Hindus , they are women , they are children for God sake they are all humans . I remember the words of Hapitia who was the last librarian of Alexandria, and the movie is Agora where she discussed about the killing of people .
Save your earth don’t destroy with your bad actions . it’s only planet where the humans exists .

People are faced the negative impacts of this disease , they are now alone they got stressed and they are dying .

They are shattered now . Who will help them no one because in these days they lost their own hopes

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