The Cosmos

Stars. Thank you Dear Friend Ali Abdul Rahman you have a beautiful mind because you search stars for me. And I like Your findings when you search New photographer of astronomy for me, I felt blessed and all this blessing I got cosmos . Although I am not a student of science but an astrophile who love stars and galaxies .that’s why I read cosmos, and it is classical read for the people who love their skies. I recommend to everyone who want to know about the stats, galaxies and off course about earth. I believe with this read we can observe this world with the eyes of Sagan. Tremendous written. All stars will be yours when you read The cosmos.
Epic read ever.
We know we are approaching the greatest of mysteries.” The Cosmos

” Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were .” The Cosmos

“Every star may be a sun to seomeone “. The cosmos

” We grow up slowly in isolation .” The cosmos

” The earth is our home, our parent.” The Cosmos
” A world positively rippling with life.” The Cosmos

“All my life i have wondered about the possibility of life eleswhere.”The Cosmos

“The story of life on Earth maybe unique in all the Milky way Galaxy.” The Cosmos

” Earth , is the only home we know . Earth is just right , a heaven for human.” The Cosmos

” I am a collection of water , calcium and organic molecules called Carl Sagan.” The Cosmos

“Human beings are good at understanding the world. we always have been “. The Cosmos

It is great blessing for readers that they have friends where you can discuss galaxies. And share your own stars with them. Thank you , Friend.

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