The Cosmos

Stars. Thank you Dear Friend Ali Abdul Rahman you have a beautiful mind because you search stars for me. And I like Your findings when you search New photographer of astronomy for me, I felt blessed and all this blessing I got cosmos . Although I am not a student of science but an astrophile who love stars and galaxies .that’s why I read cosmos, and it is classical read for the people who love their skies. I recommend to everyone who want to know about the stats, galaxies and off course about earth. I believe with this read we can observe this world with the eyes of Sagan. Tremendous written. All stars will be yours when you read The cosmos.
Epic read ever.
We know we are approaching the greatest of mysteries.” The Cosmos

” Imagination will often carry us to worlds that never were .” The Cosmos

“Every star may be a sun to seomeone “. The cosmos

” We grow up slowly in isolation .” The cosmos

” The earth is our home, our parent.” The Cosmos
” A world positively rippling with life.” The Cosmos

“All my life i have wondered about the possibility of life eleswhere.”The Cosmos

“The story of life on Earth maybe unique in all the Milky way Galaxy.” The Cosmos

” Earth , is the only home we know . Earth is just right , a heaven for human.” The Cosmos

” I am a collection of water , calcium and organic molecules called Carl Sagan.” The Cosmos

“Human beings are good at understanding the world. we always have been “. The Cosmos

It is great blessing for readers that they have friends where you can discuss galaxies. And share your own stars with them. Thank you , Friend.

Wait kills itself

Wait kills itself

Yes it is true.

Wait kills

I am bad luck of yours,

Alas, I am an eclipse of your life.

Perhaps, I will die in this darkness.

O, Beloved it's too dark

I am dying slowly.

Waiting for you killing me instantly.

I hope you will find me in your lost seasons.


Waiting is always hard


I do .

You are the star who leaves the sky .

So, how can you be mine ?

I remember your distorted tone like artificial fragrance.

And ,Then it happened.

you forgot , Alas .

I’m nothing for you .

But the moments , were died in me . like your absence .

But still i am waiting .

you are the star, who leaves the sky . .!

The era of pandemic

World Nations are struggling to eluded this chocker life of pandemic. but on the other hand people are delved their dear ones because of this disease. Alas life is stopped in the world but what happened in poor countries? No one knows the pain of hunger where they have no resources to fulfill their basic necessities of life especially the food .
world is fighting with equality where a black man killed by another colour person , seriously it is a joke of 2020 when world is divided in the name of first ,second , third world Nations where people are dying because of hunger because of poverty , because of their dishonest leaders. And on the other hand UNO celebrate the Mendel’s day wow so many questions for the laws of UNO.
but the question is what is the role of super powers ? but who are super powers ? who imposed the wars in the world or who work for the prosperity of humans?
The people of this world better knows what is happened with them ?
people are dying? they are black , they are Muslims, they are Jews, they are Christians, they are Sikhs , they are Hindus , they are women , they are children for God sake they are all humans . I remember the words of Hapitia who was the last librarian of Alexandria, and the movie is Agora where she discussed about the killing of people .
Save your earth don’t destroy with your bad actions . it’s only planet where the humans exists .

People are faced the negative impacts of this disease , they are now alone they got stressed and they are dying .

They are shattered now . Who will help them no one because in these days they lost their own hopes

Be who You are…

Be who You are…


News from Ibonoco

«  Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind. »

« Soyez qui vous êtes et dites ce que vous ressentez, parce que ceux qui vous dérangent n’importent pas et ceux qui comptent ne vous dérangent pas. »

Bernard Mannes Baruch (1870 – 1965), homme d’affaires et politique américain. Il fut notamment le conseiller des présidents démocrates Woodrow Wilson et Franklin D. Roosevelt sur les questions économiques.

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The Book “Possession” A.S Byatt

” We Need the end of story”- Possession. 

What a dazzling book which relies upon elegant presence where the words hit the moving floor with their enchantment. it is the completed story with its fulfillment stanzas. She created superbly. she uses her pen like a charm where she plays with the mind of the Reader. When I read a Pakistani writer, Mirza Athar Baig who wrote in his book that the books when they were evaluated then it’s to perusers how they travel bag from books. She legitimizes her characters, Roland, Maud, Christabel LaMotte, R.H. Red hot flotsam and jetsam. The Story opens in the beautiful existence where specialists found some friendship letters and writer keep with whole thought. such gigantic quantities of things in just a single book, for example, refrain, composing, thinking, human lead, and the definite inverse thing for me the superb identity of Author. !

It’s a very sad poem” young girls are sad. They like to be; it makes them feel strong.-Possession

” I See, She said. They are alive. They don’t have ends. No, they’ve beginnings- Possession

” The human warmth of an individual embodied soul in all it’s purify and mortal vitality”-Possession

” Such incarnate truths, such unrepeated unique lives.” – Possession

” Such loves were once not uncommon”- possession

” No one wishes a man to be a poem”- Possession

” I don’t want anyone but you, not really”- Possession

” But Poets don’t want homes- do they? -Possession

” You know, all poetry may be a cry of generalized love, for this or that, or  the universe- which must be loved in its particularity, not its generality but for its universal life in every minut particular”-Possession

” Shall we survive and rise from our ashes ?”- Possession

” We Need the end of story”- Possession.